The Best Sales Pitch for Cleaning Businesses (Examples)

A compelling sales pitch is a powerful marketing tool to secure contracts.

Nelmie Jane Pardo | Updated April 22, 2023

More than simply presenting facts and features, you need to craft a strong, tailored narrative that wows prospects and closes deals.

With an attention-grabbing pitch, your target market will get excited to choose your cleaning services and take the next step with your business.

Perfect your pitch when you follow our quick, step-by-step guide. We will explain the ideal pitching strategy and provide cleaning sales pitch examples to help you seal the deal.

How to craft a sales pitch for a cleaning business

A winning cleaning business sales pitch is a short and thoughtfully crafted sales presentation that convinces prospects to choose your services.

It can be a 30-second “elevator pitch” you deliver to people you meet at cleaning industry expos and trade shows. Or it can be a deal-closing pitch in a final meeting after checking the client’s property and preparing an estimate. And with today’s digital world, a sales pitch is just as easy to do online through digital marketing.

Wherever you deliver it, a good and persuasive sales pitch highlights the benefits of your cleaning services and relays your value proposition that makes you the best choice around.

1. Address the problem and offer an outstanding solution.

What are your prospect’s pain points and challenges? Discover exactly how your cleaning services can solve their problems instead of explaining things they don’t really care about.


  • Commercial clients may want to award their commercial cleaning contracts to established cleaners with proven experience in a particular industry.
  • Homeowners on a tight budget may want affordable pricing while keeping everything clean in bustling households with pets and kids.

2. Emphasize benefits and results.

Highlight the benefits you offer instead of features. You want to make it crystal clear what your cleaning business can do to address the cleaning needs of your potential client. Create real value by explaining the results of your cleaning services.

Sample scenario: Carpets usually take a long time to dry, taking anywhere from six to 72 hours. Instead of simply saying your residential carpet cleaning business brings complete tools and uses quality supplies, tell homeowners the carpets you clean dry five times faster than the competition. That means less downtime, allowing busy homes to resume daily activities without hassle.

3. Personalize your pitch.

There’s no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to cleaning business sales pitches.

A successful sales pitch requires plenty of personalization, sometimes on the spot! Be prepared to tweak your pitch to address your prospect’s concerns and show them that you want to provide the best services possible for their cleaning needs.

  • Create a basic guideline you can reference anytime. While there’s lots of room for a custom approach, you can check this template to ensure you’re not forgetting any critical information before meeting your client.

4. Boost trust and confidence with proven work.

If you previously worked with well-known clients, you can use that to your advantage to build trust. Add solid facts and figures to back up your claim as a reputable cleaning business.

Sample scenario: Tell your prospect you have XX 5-star reviews and cleaned more than XX properties for XX years, including one of the city’s biggest healthcare facilities/property management companies/office buildings. That will immediately increase your trustworthiness meter.

5. Keep your sales pitch concise.

Gone are the days of salespeople giving hour-long pitches to hook clients. No matter how passionate you are about your business, you don’t want to bore your clients and make them lose interest with a long, winded sales talk.

  • The best sales pitches are straight to the point, creating a memorable impression without taking too much time.
  • Showcase your unique selling proposition that makes your cleaning company different from the rest, whether you offer specialty services, provide green cleaning, or have an experienced staff with certain skills and certifications.

Combine a friendly and conversational tone with a persuasive, conversion-focused approach. Remember not to be too salesy! Listen to what your potential client has to say, and make them want to do business with you by establishing trust.

6. Add an enticing offer.

Perks like a free cleaning for every four sessions, a cleaning satisfaction guarantee, or a 30% discount for weekly cleans can make you a good choice in the eyes of prospects.

Balance your pricing to turn in fair cleaning business profits without losing potential clients.

7. Seal the deal with a closing question.

Expert salespeople encourage clients to take the next step with a compelling question.


  • If you’re offering multiple cleaning programs like weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleans — “Which subscription service works best for you?”
  • When would you like us to start?
  • Is there anything else you want to know before signing the contract?
  • Is there anything stopping you from doing business with us?

Be patient and give your prospect a moment to think about it. Tactical silence is a classic technique salespeople use to create a pause in the conversation, allowing customers to think and encouraging them to take action.

If your prospect doesn’t make a decision right away, let them know you will contact them again in a few days for a follow-up.

Final thoughts

A compelling, well-crafted sales pitch can drive decision-making and help you successfully get clients for your cleaning business. Prepare baseline templates you can easily improve and personalize.

Take time to polish and perfect your pitch, and keep practicing!

Over time, you’ll discover exactly what works best and what doesn’t, and you’ll hone your skills as you continually refine your cleaning business sales pitches.

Written by Nelmie Jane Pardo

Nelmie Jane Pardo

Nelmie Jane Pardo is a senior contributing writer who lends insight into digital marketing methods and business solutions. She regularly writes at BusinessHue to help business owners take their online marketing to the next level.