Pest Control Business Owner Salary: Profit Potential in 2023

How much do pest control companies make?

Jake Perry | Updated January 29, 2023

Are you considering entering the pest control business? If so, your first question is likely how much you can expect to earn. 

Income for pest control businesses depends on several factors, such as competition in your area, industry breakdown (residential vs. commercial), and the number of employees you hire.

Below, we’ll explore factors affecting your pest control business owner salary.

How much do pest control companies make?

Pest control business owners with five employees make an average salary of $120,000. Each employee in a pest control business will produce roughly $160,000 in revenue, and the company keeps 15% of that revenue as net profit.

When looking at expected profits, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • For example, companies located in California or Hawaii tend to earn higher wages than those based in the Midwest due to higher living costs. 
  • Companies with a greater percentage of commercial clients make more than those with mostly residential clients.
  • Companies with established reputations and constant word-of-mouth leads get to spend less on marketing, thus, have larger profits.

If you are willing to put in the extra hours that come with entrepreneurship, you can build a significant income. Small business owners can earn a handsome living by becoming specialists within their field of expertise with a forward-thinking attitude and an eye for detail.

Profit maximization for pest control businesses

By increasing revenue and decreasing expenses, you will increase your pest control business profits.

Revenue growth

  • Multi-channel marketing
  • Provide additional services
  • Raise your prices yearly
  • Offer upsells
  • Sell subscription plans

Expense reduction

  • Schedule and manage team workloads efficiently
  • Recruit subcontractors
  • Get better deals on supplies
  • Reduce the transportation costs

It’s better to turn down work than to grow too fast. A rapid growth rate can be counterproductive, leading to underbidding and project delays.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the average profit margin for pest control companies?

Most pest control companies have a profit margin of around 15% of revenue.

How can pest control companies increase profits?

Pest control companies increase profits by efficiently scheduling more jobs per technician and creating upsell opportunities.

Written by Jake Perry

Jake Perry

Jake Perry is a writer from the United Kingdom. He travels the world while working from his laptop, learning about new business trends from startups around the world.