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George Leon | Updated March 27, 2023

Do you want to win more jobs by offering your customers a warranty on their paint job?

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How to Use Our Warranty Template

Step 1: After receiving your free painting warranty template in your email, open it and fill it out with your information by clicking on the highlighted fields.

Step 2: Click on the Print Icon and save it as a PDF or print out a hard copy.

Step 3: Read the entire document. If it doesn’t suit your needs, take the parts you like, and create your own document customized to your own warranty offering.

What is a Painting Warranty?

A painting warranty is a guarantee provided by a painting company that the work they have done will meet specific standards and last for a specified period of time. Painting warranties generally cover defects in workmanship or materials that may arise during the specified warranty period.

  • The warranty usually outlines what the company will do to correct any issues covered by the warranty, such as repainting, repairing, or replacing the affected area.
  • The warranty may also specify any limitations or exclusions, such as damage caused by environmental factors or improper maintenance by the homeowner.

With the warranty, the customer will be covered for the paint and labor required to fix a particular problem at no cost to the customer. Paint warranties typically cover 2-3 years following the paint job.

You’ll want to do some research on what your competitors’ warranties cover to make sure that you’re offering the same benefits to customers (at a minimum), and finding ways to up them where possible.

What Isn’t Covered in a Paint Warranty

Not all types of damage are created equal, which is why a paint warranty typically is very explicit with what is and isn’t covered. Most paint warranties will not cover incidental damages that are caused by:

  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Cracks from the walls contracting and expanding
  • Stained surfaces with foot traffic (steps, floors, decks, etc.)
  • Problems related to structural defects
  • Moisture or mildew damage
  • Insect infestation

Opening up a clear line of communication between you and your customers will ensure they are satisfied with your services and feel comfortable coming to you with any questions or concerns — allowing you to get ahead of potential negative online reviews.

Should You Offer a Painting Warranty?

When I bring up warranties among other painting companies, I sometimes get pushback because many painters believe paint coatings are too delicate to outside factors to be able to warranty.

They are missing the point of the warranty. A warranty is a marketing strategy element used to increase your closing rate. Of course, you will sometimes have to do warranty work, and it will have a cost.

But all investments have costs. You have to look at the additional profits from the higher closing rate achieved by offering a warranty. You need to stop looking at a warranty as a promise that the product won’t fail and look at it as insurance the customer is buying.

Be very upfront and honest with the customer and tell them, “yes, sometimes paint coatings do fail.” Let them know the reasons and how you do everything you can to prevent them, but there are always factors outside your control. And let them know that they don’t have to worry about it because of your warranty.

Most big manufacturers offer a warranty, and it’s definitely not because they think their product is perfect and will never fail. It’s because they know they’re just selling an insurance plan (that’s what a warranty is) and increasing their profits.

An insurance company doesn’t lose money just because they have to pay out on claims. Their profits cover those expenses. Likewise, the extra profits you can make by offering a warranty should more than cover the cost of occasionally getting a warranty claim.

We regularly tell customers they went with us because of our warranty (we include it on our painting estimate template). We very rarely have to do any warranty work, but when we do, it doesn’t bother us because that’s already budgeted for.

We even email our customers when their warranty expires and ask if they have any little nicks or scratches we can take care of. This builds a great relationship and often leads to repeat work and referrals so we can keep winning more painting contracts.

This type of customer service is not expected in the painting trade, which is why it makes a big impact.

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Benefits of a Painting Warranty

One of your goals as a business owner is to provide the best quality painting services to your customer. But that doesn’t mean you slap on some paint and call it a day.

The best painting companies will not only complete a remarkable paint job but stand by their work with a painting warranty. Opting to include a painting warranty with your painting contract offers the following benefits:

  • Peace of Mind – When prospective customers are shopping around for the right painting company to work with, they’re going to stack you against your local competitor. How will you hold up to the competition? Providing a painting warranty offers your customers peace of mind knowing that they can trust your business to do a great job the first time and resolve any appearance issues that might happen over the next few years. While painting isn’t the most expensive home improvement project, it can quickly add up. Giving your customers peace of mind knowing their paint job is backed for a few years is a major advantage.
  • Customer Loyalty – The easiest way to bring in business is to work with recurring customers repeatedly. But if a homeowner was unsatisfied with the outcome of your paint job and didn’t have a warranty to cover the repair, they might look for another painting company to handle the next project. Offering your customers a painting warranty ensures that you are their go-to painting company to handle all their interior and exterior painting needs because of the trusting relationship you’ve built with them.
  • Word of Mouth – The more satisfied customers are, the more likely they will recommend you to their friends and family. You don’t want to be that company they are talking bad about because you wouldn’t send someone out to fix bubbling paint. You want to be the company that goes above and beyond to resolve issues — imagine them sharing that story about your painting company.

Reap these benefits by offering a paint warranty to your customers — you’ll be glad you did!

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Written by George Leon

George Leon

George Leon is a Managing Partner at Scalebloom. He used to be a partner at a painting company in Charlotte NC. George loves to help business owners scale their business with modern marketing strategies and branding.