The 13 Best Painting Estimating Apps for Contractors (2023)

Choose the best painting contractor estimate software

Nelmie Jane Pardo | Updated March 27, 2023

Are you looking for paint estimating apps to help you save time and effort as a painting contractor? 

When estimating jobs, the right digital tools can help eliminate hassles and headaches and get the job priced faster. 

Many painters use painting estimating software to convert measurements into detailed documents outlining all project costs, from materials and labor to quantities and prices. 

If you’re unsure which painting estimate app to try, we’ve compiled the top 13 useful apps you can use to make accurate calculations and improve job cost estimation in less time.  

Use these paint estimating apps and software to take the guesswork out of your painting jobs. 

1. DripJobs CRM for Home-Service Professionals

DripJobs is a CRM software designed for home-service businesses. It offers a range of features to help streamline productivity and manage various aspects of a home service business.

Our favorite features include creating proposals, e-signing and collecting payments, appointment and job scheduling, automated text and email drips, invoicing and collecting payments, and powerful integrations with over 1000 apps.

The software offers a 14-day free trial with no contract and is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store.


  • Integrations with over 1000 apps.
  • Customizable features such as 40 pre-written drip messages.
  • Streamlined productivity and task automation to save time.


  • Not suitable for all industries. It’s great for home-service businesses but not the best fit for other industries.

Plans and Pricing

DripJobs offers three pricing tiers: Pro for $97 per month, Advanced for $147 per month, and Teams for $197 per month. The plans offer features such as automated email drips, online payments and invoicing, customer portals, proposals, job and appointment scheduling, and more.

The higher tiers also include additional features like DripJobs Chat and change orders.

2. GoCanvas Painting Estimate With Quick Checklist App 

gocanvas estimating system

GoCanvas is a cloud-based system that provides a wide selection of apple and android mobile apps and forms to streamline data collection and sharing. 

The GoCanvas Painting Estimate With Quick Checklist mobile app simplifies calculating the estimated costs for customer invoices before and after the completion of painting jobs. 


  • You can use the GoCanvas app while you’re out in the field, even without WiFi. 
  • Personalizing the painting quote template for interior and exterior painting jobs is easy.  
  • Data is automatically saved to the GoCanvas Cloud as a PDF. 


  • Numerous options and features can sometimes be confusing, and there’s a bit of a learning curve in learning how to use the estimating app well.

Plans and Pricing

GoCanvas offers a 10-day free trial without requiring a credit card. 

The Business plan starts at $45/month per user, while the Professional plan costs $55/month per user. 

3. Houzz Pro Painting Estimating Software

houzz pro estimating software

Houzz Pro offers a host of digital tools for contractors, from project management and online payments to expense tracking and financial reports. 

Among its various digital tools is the Houzz Pro Painting Estimating Software, which helps you come up with accurate measurements and better estimates.  


  • Houzz Pro has a database of local material and labor costs so that you can price out everything in just minutes. 
  • The estimator app quickly calculates painting areas based on your uploaded plans. 
  • The user-friendly design is suitable for non-tech-savvy people. 


  • It can be pricey for those who are just starting a new business. 
  • All plans renew annually. 

Plans and Pricing

If you want to try a free painting estimate app with no commitments, Houzz Pro offers free basic tools and a 30-day risk-free trial. 

The Starter plan is priced at $65/month, while the Essential Plan starts at $49/month for the first three months and then $99/month after that. 

The Ultimate plan, which includes advertising perks, is expensive at $399/month. 

4. Housecall Pro

computer screen with the housecall pro app

Housecall Pro provides a scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, and job management toolbox for various service-based contractor industries. 

The Housecall Pro Estimating Software lets you create customizable estimates and monitor and edit estimates. 


  • It’s an easy-to-use, intuitive software with a simple learning curve. 
  • Estimating, scheduling, handling work orders, billing, and collecting payments can be done from the Housecall Pro app. 


  • Customer follow-up can be hard. 
  • Some users report that navigating the customer database is a bit time-consuming. 

Plans and Pricing

Housecall Pro Basic costs $49/month, while the Essentials plan costs $129/month. 

New users can get up to 80% discount on their first month. 

5. JobNimbus 

jobnimbus software dashboard

JobNimbus’s painting contractor estimate software boasts time-saving tools, including estimating, invoicing, and integration software programs. 

The JobNimbus PEP speeds up the process to bid a paint job with materials and labor saved in online templates, so you can easily send a professional estimate on the go. 


  • The JobNimbus painting estimate app lets you access the information you need wherever you are from your mobile device. 
  • Creating a proposal in seconds with automated, customizable templates is easy. 
  • Cost and time estimates are sent across different platforms to project managers and clients.


  • The mobile app needs more upgrades for better features. 

Plans and Pricing

JobNimbus provides custom quotes for small, medium, and large businesses. 

Pricing starts at $25/month per user.

You can take advantage of the 14-day free trial with no credit card required. 

6. Estimate Rocket

drawing of estimate rocket software

The Estimate Rocket Paint Contractor Software is a painting-industry-specific estimate builder that helps you create and send estimates and invoices via email while in the field. 

It’s a web-based online application that works on all mobile devices and operating systems without downloading any software. 


  • Automatic backups ensure you never lose valuable data. 
  • It offers a fully integrated billing, invoicing, and scheduling system with automated invoice email follow-ups. 
  • Free setup and training sessions are available to help you learn how to use the software in less time. 


  • No downloadable app.

Plans and Pricing

Estimate Rocket lets you explore its painting estimate app for 30 days for free. 

After that, you can subscribe for $59/month per user with a 90-day money-back guarantee. 

You can also add field users for $10/month, so they can clock in and out, add job notes, and view work orders. 

Estimate Rocket offers a custom plan for painting companies with more than six employees. 

7. PaintScout  

paintscout dashboard

PaintScout is an estimation software that promises accurate estimates, fast invoicing, intuitive sales tracking, and simultaneous take-offs. 

This digital tool lets you simultaneously build estimates and work orders and create web proposals to stand out from the competition. 


  • The estimate app is cross-platform compatible, and it works offline anywhere. 
  • Drag-and-drop features make it easy to move around information. 
  • Integrates smoothly with apps and services such as Zapier, QuickBooks, and PipelineDeals.


  • It costs more when billed monthly. 

Plans and Pricing

The Premium plan costs $59/per month per user when billed annually and $79/per month when renewed monthly. 

The Business version costs $79/per month per user when renewed annually and $99/per month when billed monthly. 

PaintScount offers a two-week free trial. 

8. The Paint Estimator 

creating an estimate with the painting estimator software

If you’re looking for simplicity and straightforward functionality, The Paint Estimator is one of the most dependable paint estimating apps to streamline your painting business operations.

This “for painters, by painters” application is perfect for independent contractors. 

The Paint Estimator is a product of Patrick Miller’s 30 years of painting experience. 


  • Various estimating methods are available. 
  • A pre-built material list covers most of the Benjamin Moore & Sherwin Williams product lines. 
  • You’ll get lifetime support and updates after paying a one-time fee. 


  • Compatible only with Microsoft Windows. 
  • Not suitable for large painting businesses with more complex estimation and job management needs. 

Plans and Pricing

The Paint Estimator is available for a one-time fee of $129 and comes with a five-day free trial. 

9. FieldCircle

fieldcircle software dashboard

FieldCircle is an all-in-one painting estimating software that offers outstanding features, like letting you create unlimited versions of estimates and configure set-up approvals. 

This paint estimating app allows real-time activity monitoring and simplifies scheduling and invoicing, and it comes with a painter contractors management mobile app for on-the-go access.  


  • The simple, easy-to-use interface is great for non-tech-savvy users. 
  • Cloud-based, mobile-friendly platform.
  • Free one-on-one training with personalized onboarding. 


  • Doesn’t work in full offline mode. 
  • Costs more when billed monthly. 

Plans and Pricing

FieldCircles requires no contract and assures “no surprise fees.” 

The Starter plan (up to 10 users) costs $99/month when billed annually and $125/month when billed monthly. 

You can upgrade to higher versions (up to $349/month) or get a custom quote if you’re running a large business.

10. The EDGE Estimator by the Estimating Edge

the estimating edge software

Designed for estimating commercial painting costs, the EDGE Estimator Painting Software is a takeoff-to-estimate solution that features extensive painting databases with manufacturer-specific prices and systems. 

You can customize the paint estimating app to fit your interior and exterior painting takeoff and job estimates. 


  • Trade-specific features, such as Smart Labor for labor cost estimation, are excellent for those in the commercial painting industry. 
  • Powerful analytics and reporting features help you make sound business decisions. 
  • One-on-one, hands-on training is available for smoother adaptation. 


  • The software can be complicated for beginners, and training is necessary to get the hang of it. 

Plans and Pricing

The Estimating Edge team provides a custom quote when you schedule a demo. 

Depending on your company size, the cost for setup and upgrades may reach up to thousands of dollars. 

11. PlanSwift 

planswift desktop software

PlanSwift claims to be the #1 takeoff software that aims to improve accuracy, save time, and boost painting profits

This estimating app makes it easy to create estimates in seconds using the single-click area select tool that instantly measures all wall and ceiling surfaces, straight or curved. 


  • A simple drag-and-drop interface lets you quickly calculate all material and labor costs. 
  • Pre-built custom assemblies speed up the estimating process. 
  • You can export calculations automatically to an Excel sheet and share them with clients. 


  • Some users experienced occasional glitches and crashes, leading to lost data. 
  • Training adds to the total cost. 

Plans and Pricing 

PlanSwift requires a one-time fee of $1,895 and an additional $300 per year for the optional annual updates. 

One-on-one custom training costs $300. 

You can try the full version for free for 14 days with no credit card required. 

12. FieldPulse 

man using an estimating app

FieldPulse is a well-rounded business management app for painting business owners.  

The FieldPulse Painting Estimating Software makes it easy to create and sync estimates, bids, and proposals from your computer and apple and android mobile devices. 

You can also auto-generate estimate PDFs and share them using the FieldPulse painting estimate app. 


  • It’s easy to automatically calculate material quantities according to square footage, job length, and timesheet totals. 
  • The software is loaded with excellent features and easily customizable to your business needs. 
  • One-on-one training with a specialist. 


  • Some users report that some aspects of the software can get clunky, especially when navigating the app and organizing files. 

Plans and Pricing   

FieldPulse costs $89/month or $907/year ($161 savings when billed annually) for one user. 

The price increases as you add more users. 

13. On Center 

On Center provides top-of-the-line takeoff and estimating solutions for numerous trades. 

Regarding estimation accuracy, the On Center Quick Bid is a fast software that accelerates your bid estimation process and lets you submit professional bids to win more projects. 


  • Quick Bid lets you create detailed bids swiftly, generate paint quantities, add markups, and access updated material pricing from suppliers. 
  • You can avoid underbidding or overbidding by compiling itemized costs, materials, change orders, and labor rates to predict job costs precisely. 
  • You can access manufacturer material databases and personalize assemblies for future projects. 


  • Several users state that the database manager is sometimes hard to sort out, especially when working with numerous bids. 

Plans and Pricing  

On Center doesn’t offer a free trial for this particular estimation software. 

You can schedule a demo to see how it works and get a custom quote for your painting business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using a painting estimating app?

The advantages of using a painting estimating app include increased efficiency, cost savings, and improved accuracy. An estimation app can reduce manual errors and save time by streamlining the process. They also help you track projects more effectively, so you can provide better customer service.

What features should I look for in a painting estimating app?

When choosing a painting estimator app, you should look for features such as automated pricing calculations, cloud storage and sync capabilities, customer management tools, material ordering support, and project tracking.

Final Thoughts: Avoid Guesstimates and Streamline Your Operations With Estimating Apps

Whether a small-scale contractor or a commercial painting company owner, these apps can help you estimate the amount of money, time, and labor needed to complete a painting job. 

That means fewer worries about underbidding a job, not ordering enough materials, or making measurement errors. 

Keep track of all your costs and expenses and improve your workflow when you go digital with the right paint estimating apps. 

I recommend taking advantage of free-trial offers to see if estimating software is the best solution for your painting business. 

Written by Nelmie Jane Pardo

Nelmie Jane Pardo

Nelmie Jane Pardo is a senior contributing writer who lends insight into digital marketing methods and business solutions. She regularly writes at BusinessHue to help business owners take their online marketing to the next level.