9 Ways to Get Clients for a Cleaning Business in 2023

Find the best ways to promote your services and attract customers with these marketing tips.

Nelmie Jane Pardo | Updated April 22, 2023

Whether you’re just starting out as a one-person residential cleaning company or running a sizeable commercial cleaning business, you need to find clients to keep your business going. 

Discover how to get clients for a cleaning business without breaking the bank using our proven methods. 

How to Get Clients for a Cleaning Business

1. Write Out Your Marketing Plan

Crafting a well-thought-out and extensive marketing plan is crucial for any business. A solid cleaning service marketing plan gives you a clear vision of your business goals and how to achieve them. 

Follow these steps to create a clear cleaning business marketing plan: 

Know Your Business. What are the objectives, strengths, and weaknesses of your company? Who is your target audience? Identify the types of consumers your business intends to serve and the services you’ll provide. 

Study the Competition. Research your competitors, including their services, cleaning pricing strategies, and target markets. Find out how your company differs and ways to stand out. 

Set Realistic Goals. Lay out your short-term and long-term goals, ensuring they are specific, measurable, and reachable. For example, you can aim to boost your annual sales by 15% by the end of the year. 

Use Suitable Marketing Tactics. The key to marketing success is choosing the right tactics that fit your business. Digital advertising, like blogging and SEO, and offline methods, such as flyers and brochures, are perfect for cleaning businesses. 

2. Create a Blog About Cleaning

Blogging is a powerful way to share valuable content and position yourself as a well-respected industry authority. It will help you attract quality leads and new clients for your cleaning business. 

Quality content is information-packed, easy to digest, relevant, and engaging. 

Want to know how to get cleaning clients fast with blogging? 

Simply write about cleaning topics that will entice your target audience, especially those that solve everyday problems. 

Consider these interesting blogging ideas: 

  • Your cleaning process
  • Best products of the season
  • Checklists of time-saving and seasonal cleaning tips 
  • Cleaning and decluttering hacks
  • Benefits of hiring a professional cleaning company
  • Tips on how to choose the right cleaning service
  • Team member highlights 
  • Client testimonials

Pro-Tip: Get to the top of Google search results by regularly posting longer, value-based content and incorporating relevant search terms in your articles. You can do keyword research to discover people’s go-to terms to find cleaning services and even focus on a particular neighborhood, like “cleaning company Pittsburgh.” 

3. Implement a Refer-a-friend System

Seeking referrals is a stellar way to build a loyal customer base and bring in new clients. After a successful cleaning job, ask your customer if they know someone they can refer to you. 

Satisfied clients will be happy to help your cleaning company get more business. 

Send a thank-you email after every cleaning job to show appreciation and ensure your clients are on the same page with you. You can also spread flyers and post your referral program on your social media pages. 

Pro-Tip: Explore a good refer-a-friend program that provides cleaning discounts, an extra service, or incentives like free cleaning, depending on your market. For example, you can reward your customers with a 50% discount on the next cleaning for successful referrals.

4. Go to Networking Events

Networking events allow entrepreneurs to create valuable relationships with each other, discover potential clients, and generate new business. 

You meet wonderful people and make friends. 

Plus, you can gain an in-depth insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and keep up with industry trends. This will help you level up your cleaning business and enhance your unique selling points. 

When preparing for a networking event, do lots of research on attendees who have similar interests as yours. You can prepare relevant questions and a short cleaning business sales pitch to boost your confidence.

Don’t forget to print out business cards!

Explore different networking groups, including your local Chamber of Commerce and business associations.

If you’re a new cleaning startup owner, rub elbows with seasoned business owners to discover insider tips on how to get your first cleaning client. 

5. Grow Your Online Presence With SEO

Advanced SEO strategies make it easier than ever to target your particular market and generate quality leads for your cleaning business. 

However, remember that SEO is an ever-changing beast. 

You must improve and adapt your SEO campaign each year to reach the top rankings and stay there. 

We recommend these on-page and off-page practices to grow a company’s online presence: 

seo tips for your cleaning business website

Speed Up Your Cleaning Website. A sluggish website decreases conversions, so make sure your site takes no longer than 3 seconds to load. 

Manage Your Local SEO. A well-optimized Google Business Profile allows your business to show up when your audience searches for nearby cleaning businesses. 

Choose the Right Keywords. What exactly are the terms your target market types in the Google search box? Use keyword research tools and go for long-tail keywords. 

Implement Link-Building. The more quality backlinks, the better. Internal links also help improve the SEO of a specific page on your cleaning website. 

6. Use Flyers to Promote Your Services

Get the word out about your services by distributing compelling cleaning flyers to your ideal clients. 

An excellent flyer turns prospects into loyal customers and features: 

  • Your cleaning services
  • Your business name and logo
  • Your phone number/website/email 
  • Your brand colors 
  • A crisp, relevant photo 
  • Your standout selling points, like green cleaning or premium, all-around cleaning and organization services 
  • Your business status as an insured, bonded, and licensed company

Pro-Tip: Sweep the competition by offering a unique, irresistible offer, like a 70% discount only within the next two weeks. You can also add a witty slogan to make your cleaning company extra memorable. 

7. Use Social Media to Your Advantage 

Social media can be a powerful tool to connect with your target audience. 

Many people also give importance to social media presence when evaluating the legitimacy of a company.

But how do you leverage social media to promote your cleaning services? 

Learn how to find customers for house cleaning using social networking sites with these quick tips: 

social media tips for your cleaning business

Optimize Your Business Profiles. Add concise yet compelling information to your bio, and upload your profile and cover photos. Link to your cleaning site to help prospects learn more about your services. 

Post Regularly. It’s a good idea to keep your social media pages updated with exciting and relevant posts, such as company updates, informative how-to articles, and special offers. 

Pick the Right Platforms. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are perfect for house cleaning marketing, whereas LinkedIn is suitable for commercial cleaning marketing. 

8. Send a Letter to Local Businesses

An introduction letter is an excellent way to inform your prospects about your cleaning services and what makes you stand out. 

Make sure your personal sales letter features these essential components: 

  • A catchy headline
  • A warm greeting
  • A concise explanation of your cleaning services
  • The benefits you offer
  • A persuasive call-to-action that includes a limited-time offer 
  • Your company name, logo, and complete contact details

We have a free cleaning business introduction letter template you can download to save time. 

9. Join Facebook Groups

Facebook groups, which refer to Facebook communities with shared interests, provide a great avenue to promote your cleaning business. 

They help you build lasting customer relationships and gain valuable market research data. 

Private groups are the best option if you want exclusive access with no spam content. You can join these groups and even create one to reach your target market and get cleaning contracts

Pro Tip: Find relevant groups by using your specific city/neighborhood and keywords like “house cleaning community Ohio.”

FAQs About Getting Cleaning Clients

Which Cleaning Marketing Strategy Should I Focus On? 

The best marketing strategy for your cleaning business combines search engine marketing, social media marketing, and traditional advertising such as flyers and networking. 

What’s a Good Starting Point For a New Cleaning Company? 

An extensive cleaning business marketing plan is the foundation of a successful cleaning company. 

Equip yourself with the necessary knowledge to run your business, from attracting quality leads to managing your finances and cashflow.

How Do I Keep Loyal Customers?

Retain customers by providing exceptional customer service. You can show how much you value your customers by sending thank-you notes and soliciting feedback to resolve any issues. 

If you have a cleaning crew, every team member should be well-trained, skilled at their craft, and highly professional.

Final Thoughts: Promoting Your Cleaning Services Like a Pro 

Now that you know the best ways to generate new business, the next step is to polish your marketing plan and start raking in new clients.  

Good luck!

Written by Nelmie Jane Pardo

Nelmie Jane Pardo

Nelmie Jane Pardo is a senior contributing writer who lends insight into digital marketing methods and business solutions. She regularly writes at BusinessHue to help business owners take their online marketing to the next level.