Commercial HVAC System Cost Per Square Foot in 2023

Learn about HVAC costs for commercial properties and the factors that impact these costs.

Nelmie Jane Pardo | Updated March 9, 2023

The average commercial HVAC cost per square foot in 2023 varies between $22 to $27 for recreational buildings and $20 to $28 for small offices. 

Commercial HVAC system installation rates 2023 

Whether you’re a seasoned contractor or starting a new HVAC business, you need to learn how to estimate the cost of projects and keep up with average industry rates for commercial HVAC installation. 

Here are the typical rates for installing new HVAC systems in different commercial buildings. 

Sports and recreation commercial buildings 

Any building that provides space for sporting and recreational activities falls under this category. Examples are gyms, swimming pools, golf ranges, basketball and tennis courts, and ice skating rinks. 

The average commercial HVAC cost for these commercial buildings ranges from $22 to $27 per square foot

Sports and recreational centers need plenty of fresh air. HVAC contractors must adhere to strict ventilation requirements when installing HVAC systems for these commercial buildings. 

Small office buildings 

The average commercial HVAC price is $20 to $28 per square foot for small offices requiring two-pipe HVAC systems. 

These two-pipe commercial HVAC systems feature alternating heating and cooling processes in the same pipe to keep building occupants cozy through all seasons. 

Large office buildings 

Large offices generally use four-pipe HVAC distribution. HVAC installation costs vary from $28 to $33 per square foot

Four-pipe HVAC systems use separate pipes for hot and cold water networks. 

Factors impacting the cost of a commercial HVAC project 

Commercial HVAC installation is extensive. HVAC contractors estimate installation costs based on the objectives of a business for enhancing indoor quality. 

They consider the following variables to determine the final cost of installing a new HVAC system in a commercial building. 

  • Heating and cooling plants: These consist of water treatment systems, pumping mechanisms, boilers, and chillers. Commercial contractors tailor specialty parts, like valves and expansion tanks, to fit the particular needs of a business. 
  • Air handling unit (AHU): AHU units are available in varying sizes and configurations. HVAC contractors determine the ideal combinations for a commercial building’s air handling requirements according to the project scale and budget. 
  • Piping mains and branches: A commercial building’s size and the number of required access points affect the overall HVAC installation cost. An HVAC system’s coil type, size, and layout are also essential factors. Additionally, HVAC systems requiring a long route for cooling and heating the space are more expensive to install. 
  • Sheet metal ductwork: The overall cost of a commercial HVAC project includes sheet metal coverage and application. 
  • Ductwork insulation: The amount of necessary insulation for securing the sheet metal ductwork at strategic points is another important factor.  
  • Eco-friendly systems: LEED-certified HVAC systems and sustainable machinery contribute to commercial HVAC costs. 
  • Business type: Larger buildings have more expensive HVAC installation requirements. Additionally, different businesses have unique needs. For example, server rooms require special air conditioning units. 

FAQs about commercial HVAC prices 

Does the brand choice influence the price of commercial HVAC installation? 

Different brands offer distinct features that can drive the HVAC installation cost up or down. For example, Heil boasts advanced technology with granular control. Carrier and American Standard provide long-term reliability and value at higher prices. 

Do HVAC contractors earn well? 

HVAC contractors make a decent salary, earning around $48,630 on average. Skilled contractors with years of experience and specialized certifications are on the higher end of the pay scale. 

Is commercial HVAC installation in high demand? 

HVAC installation in the commercial sector is foreseen to grow rapidly. The demand for new buildings continues to increase, especially new offices, malls, hotels, airports, and industrial buildings. This means HVAC business owners will be busy with numerous opportunities. 

Written by Nelmie Jane Pardo

Nelmie Jane Pardo

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