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Nelmie Jane Pardo | Updated February 17, 2023

This free cleaning proposal is a comprehensive document explaining your services and providing a complete breakdown of all cleaning costs. 

A well-thought-out, professionally written bid proposal can help you stand out from the competition. 

I developed this cleaning service proposal template to help you craft personalized proposals and increase your chances of success. My template is free, easy to edit, and simple to print as a PDF. 

FreeDocs – Estimate: Cleaning (Cleaning Proposal Template)

Cleaning Estimate Header 

The header is the topmost part of our template, containing key information about your cleaning company, the client, the cleaning job, and the estimate. 

A cleaning estimate header should have these important details: 

Your Company Name and Address 

On the upper-left corner, you can put the name of your cleaning business, address, contact number, and website in bold font. 

Company Logo 

Add your cleaning business logo to the upper-right corner to give your cleaning proposal a professional and personalized look. Make sure your logo is clearly visible and sized right. 

Client Information 

Right below your company details, you can provide information about the name, billing address, email, and contact number of the customer. 

Estimator Information 

Beneath your company logo, share details about the name, phone number, and email of the estimator. 

Cleaning Job Site 

This is where you put the complete address of the cleaning project. 

Cleaning Job Details 

Our cleaning services proposal sample also includes the start date and expiration date. You can also add the estimated completion time. 

Project Overview 

An excellent cleaning proposal starts with a brief overview of the project before discussing the work and cost. 

The scope of a cleaning job differs from one project to another, so it helps to provide a concise summary based on your personal observations after doing a walkthrough with the client. 

Quick tips to help you write a standout overview: 

  • Keep your project overview simple and straightforward. You can write around two to three sentences about the client’s main goals, like deep cleaning a large house before a birthday celebration or keeping an office building spotless and sanitary through bi-weekly cleaning sessions.  
  • Briefly explain your cleaning process and the results. You can talk about any unique cleaning methods that make you better and more efficient than the competition. 

Company Overview 

Sweep clients off their feet with an impressive overview of your cleaning company. This is where you explain why your prospective client should hire you for that particular job. 

Quick tips for writing a cleaning company description that will excite clients to hire your cleaning crew: 

  • Emphasize the major benefits of hiring your company. For example, you can highlight the use of premium products or eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Explain how your cleaning services will impact the client’s daily life, like improving productivity and team morale in work settings or maintaining a fresh, clean space for better household health. 
  • Differentiate your cleaning company from competing bidders. For example, you could mention an exceptional cleaning strategy that ensures you meet a certain standard. Or you could talk about using innovative technology that improves your quality of services, communication, and other business aspects.  
  • Let the client know you have a team of experienced and certified cleaners who use modern tools and equipment to accomplish the job. 

Cleaning Estimate 

Creating an accurate cleaning estimate means you have to be transparent with every cost involved in the job. 

Don’t be afraid to show your worth; be sure not to undersell yourself just to undercut the competition. Your price ultimately reflects the quality of your services and the value of your cleaning company. 

Our sample cleaning bid template has six columns: 

  • Room
  • Notes
  • Square Feet or Hours
  • Minutes
  • Rate Per Hour
  • Subtotal 

Under the room column, you can list all the rooms your client wants cleaned, from bedrooms and bathrooms to the hallway, kitchen, and living room. 

Pro Tip: Take note of any critical elements affecting the cleaning job. For example, you can add notes about a glass table in the living room that you should be extra careful with or bathroom tiles that require cleaning. 

Put “square feet” or “hours” depending on how you bid on cleaning jobs. Besides that, you should specify the estimated minutes it will take to clean every room on the property. 

Then, add your hourly rate, which could be a fixed rate for all rooms or flexible depending on your bidding approach. 

Determine the subtotal cost for cleaning each room, and sum up all the costs to arrive at your final estimate.

Terms and Conditions 

Adding terms and conditions to your cleaning proposal will help set clear expectations and avoid unexpected surprises down the line. 

Our cleaning proposal example includes the following key points that specifically apply to cleaning jobs:  

After Completing Work 

Inform the client about your exact process upon work completion, including inspecting and signing off on the work within a particular period. 

  • Failure to inspect the work within the given period means the client can no longer request additional work, especially if you offer a warranty.
  • You can mention any exceptions, like a written agreement in which the client informs you about travel plans that will prevent them from checking your work right away. 
  • This is usually not necessary for long-term or repeat clients. 

Payment Terms 

Tell the client if you want to receive the total contract balance once they receive the invoice. You can also mention extra costs if the client requests a written change order. 

Liability Clause 

If the cleaning job involves moving heavy objects, let the client know that your cleaning team won’t be held responsible for any accidental damage. You can ask your client to move those items before your crew’s arrival.  

Win Jobs With an Impressive Cleaning Proposal Template

We designed our cleaning proposal template to make your proposal easy to understand while presenting all the essential details your client needs to know to hire you for the job. 

Show your clients that you’re the best choice for the cleaning job with a clear, thorough, and professional proposal. As your cleaning business grows, you can easily keep up with higher demand with our free templates. 

Download our proposal template and customize it to prepare flawless documents that you can send via email or print out as PDFs. 

FreeDocs – Estimate: Cleaning (Cleaning Proposal Template)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cleaning proposal template?

A cleaning proposal template is a document that outlines the services a cleaner will provide and indicates their rates. This document can be used as a reference when negotiating with potential clients. 

How do I create an effective cleaning proposal?

When creating an effective cleaning proposal, you should include information about your services and rates, as well as any additional costs such as travel time or supplies. It’s important to provide basic details about your company such as contact information and years of experience.

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