The Average Cost to Clean an Apartment in 2023 (Price List)

This year’s average rates for apartment cleaning services

Nelmie Jane Pardo | Updated February 17, 2023

The average cost to clean an apartment in the U.S. ranges from $60 to $180, depending on various factors such as cleaning frequency, location, add-ons, and overall property condition. 

If you’re looking to explore and compare apartment cleaning costs, we’ve created this guide to help you learn everything you need about apartment cleaning prices.

Apartment Cleaning Prices Per Room 

The average cost for one-time apartment cleaning is $120 for 2 bedrooms in 2023.  A one-bedroom apartment cleaning can cost as low as $60.

Professional cleaners charge higher when cleaning a bigger apartment that requires more intensive cleaning. 

The following are the average prices for standard apartment cleaning: 

Number of Bedrooms Average Apartment Cleaning Prices
StudioUp to $60
One-Bedroom Apartment$60 to $150
Two-Bedroom Apartment$80 to $175
Three-Bedroom Apartment$135 to $200
Four-Bedroom Apartment$180 to $285
Five-Bedroom Apartment$200 to $400

These prices are for cleaning apartments with only one bathroom. 

Cleaners may charge an additional $20 to $30 for every extra bathroom, as cleaning a bathroom takes more time and effort than cleaning a bedroom. 

Key Takeaway: The more bedrooms and bathrooms you have, the higher the cost of cleaning. The type of cleaning you want also affects the total cleaning cost. For example, deep cleanings are more expensive than standard, bi-weekly cleanings. 

Apartment Cleaning Rates Per Hour 

Many professional cleaners charge by the hour for regular cleaning services. 

Hourly rates are ideal for small apartments.  

The average cost per hour varies between $25 to $70 per cleaner for routine cleaning, and most jobs usually cost around $90 to $195 in total.  

Apartments in suburbs and rural areas typically cost around $30 per hour to clean, whereas apartments in bustling cities cost as much as $70 per hour to clean. 

average cost to clean an apartment per hour

Some cleaning businesses offer a fixed rate for the first few hours and a different cost for every subsequent hour. 

Move-Out/Move-In Apartment Cleaning Prices 

The running rate for a move-out/move-in cleaning job is around $110 for a small one-bedroom, one-bathroom, empty apartment.

Move-out/move-in apartment cleaning costs can reach up to $400 for apartments with four to five bedrooms and two bathrooms. 

The apartment should be vacant so cleaners can do their job properly without anything in the way. 

Professional cleaners do a thorough job, including polishing floors and cleaning out kitchen cabinets, to ensure an apartment is spick and span for the next tenants.  

They sanitize the entire place, including sinks and faucets, and even shampoo the carpet and clean the windows. 

what apartment cleaners do

Deep Cleaning Apartment Prices 

Deep cleaning an apartment generally range from $180 for a small studio flat to $700 for a large apartment. 

Deep cleaning is usually necessary before or after an important event, such as a birthday party or special celebration. 

Key Takeaway: Move-in/move-out/ and deep cleaning costs soar higher depending on the condition of the place. A dirty apartment with lots of cobwebs and stains would cost a lot more to deep clean. 

Add-On Cleaning Costs 

Standard cleaning includes general tasks, such as sweeping floors, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, wiping the countertops, vacuuming, and dusting. 

Professional cleaners typically charge extra for additional tasks. 

Remember to inform your cleaners in advance if you need special cleaning services done so that they can prepare all necessary cleaning products and materials. 

Here are some of the common additional services that cleaning companies provide on top of basic cleaning packages: 

Add-On Cleaning ServiceAverage Cost
Laundry$5 to $20 per load
Carpet $0.20 to $0.40 per square foot
Refrigerator $20 to $80
Wood Surface Polishing$20 to $40
Oven$20 to $50
Cabinetry $20 to $50
Windows and Glass Surfaces$50 to $150
Bedsheet Change$10

Factors Affecting the Cost of Apartment Cleaning 

Several factors impact the overall cost of cleaning an apartment. 

Cleaning companies typically consider the following factors when estimating the final cost:

factors affecting apartment cleaning prices


The average cost to clean an apartment largely depends on where you live. Cleaning services in bigger cities can be more expensive than in suburbs and remote locations. 

Apartment Size 

The number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your apartment is a key determinant when calculating the cleaning cost. 


Do you have furry buddies that constantly shed and leave fur everywhere? If so, your cleaners may charge an extra fee for cleaning up all that fur and some pet stains. 

Overall Cleanliness

Professional cleaners may check the condition of your apartment to see if there’s plenty of work that needs to be done. 

Cleaning Duration 

Cleaning companies can add more people to finish the job quickly if you’re on a tight schedule. However, this would cost more, especially if each cleaner is paid per hour. 


Whether you want the windows cleaned or the laundry done, the extra services you request will increase the total apartment cleaning cost. 

FAQs About Apartment Cleaning Prices

How much does it cost to clean an apartment building?

Commercial cleaning companies usually charge anywhere from $30 to $80 per hour per cleaner.

What does a standard apartment cleaning package include?

Standard cleaning services generally include cleaning the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen island, and vanity tops. Professional cleaners may also mop and vacuum floors, clean mirrors, and dust surfaces.

What can lower the cost of apartment cleaning?

Many cleaning services provide discounts if you choose weekly or bi-weekly appointments and become a recurring customer. They offer lower rates mainly to encourage loyalty. Plus, frequently cleaned apartments are easier to tidy up and maintain.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a tenant who needs professional cleaning services, knowing the average apartment cleaning costs will help you make a well-informed decision. 

Our pricing information above is also an excellent guide for cleaning business owners, whether new to the industry or looking to update your rates to ensure you’re charging accurately to get more clients

Written by Nelmie Jane Pardo

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